Dorothy Morehead Hill Collection


California State University, Chico
Meriam Library
Indians of North America -- California ; Maidu Indians ; Mechoopda Indians ; Miwok Indians ; Paiute Indians ; Wintun Indians ; Yokuts Indians ; Hupa Indians
The Dorothy Morehead Hill collection consists of over 35 years of field notes, interviews, and still and video images. It contains audio, video, photographic and printed items representing the history, culture, customs, economics and social life of the Native Americans in northeastern California. It is a unique collection of resources that carries an explicit trust between the tribes and families, the Meriam Library and those who use the collection.
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Additional Information (Dorothy Morehead Hill Collection website)
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Dorothy Morehead Hill Collection, MSS 160, Meriam Library, California State University, Chico.
Collection policy:
Ms. Hill’s conditions of gift to the Library are explicit. The collection is to be used ONLY for education and research purposes. No other use of the material is permitted.