The Camarillo State Hospital Collection


California State University, Channel Islands
John Spoor Broome Library
Camarillo State Hospital ; California State University, Northridge ; California State University Channel Islands
In 1932, 1500 acres located within the City of Camarillo, County of Ventura were acquired for a state hospital under the former WPA project. At final completion, it was the largest mental hospital in the world and at one point, housed over 7000 patients and 700 staff. CAM officially closed in June of 1993, but it was reacquired by the CSU in 1996 to be the first university in the county and the newest in the CSU system. The CSH collection expounds upon this history with an original and artificial gathering of both hospital and archive-generated documents. The collection includes: ▪artifacts ▪books ▪documents ▪maps ▪oral histories ▪photographs and can be supplemented using the Los Angeles Times historical database (Proquest).
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52 linear feet
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The Camarillo State Hospital Collection, California State University Channel Islands Archives
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Ventura County; generally unrestricted; no scanning allowed; digital camera allowed with applicable copyright restrictions; appointment recommended