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California State University, Channel Islands
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Issues in California: A1 Abortion A2 Agriculture A3 AIDS A4 Animals A5 Appointments A6 Arts A7 Assembly Bills A8 Assembly Bills A9 Assembly Bills A10 Assembly Bills A11 Alcohol B1 Banks B2 Bill B3 Budget [Ed] C1 Child Abuse C2 Child Care C3 Congratulations C4 Committees C5 Counties C6 Crime C7 Capitol Seminar C8 CHP C9 Cities D1 Developmentally Disabled D2 Drug and Alcohol E1 Education K-12 E2 Education-Post-Secondary E3 Economic Development E4 Election-Reappointment-Campaign Reform E5 Emergencies-Disasters E6 Employment E7 Energy E8 Environment E9 Ethics E10 Events-Capital Seminar F1 Family Law F2 Federal Government F3 Fish and Game G1 Gambling G2 Gun Control H1 Handicapped H2 Health H3 Homeless H4 Homosexuality H5 Housing I1 Immigration I2 Insurance I3 Invitations & Regrets L1 Law L2 Legislature L3 Libraries M1 Mail Program M2 Military M3 Minorities M4 Miscellaneous M5 Mobile Homes O1 Administration P1 Parks & Recreation
Jack O'Connell served as state assemblyman, state senator, and Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of California. He was also instrumental in the development of a four year public university in Ventura County, which later became California State University, Channel Islands. The collection consists of papers, pictures, and artifacts that touch on campus history, educational policy, environmental policy, health and mental health policy, and other aspects of local politics.
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The Jack O'Connell Collection, California State University Channel Islands Archives
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