The Bottle Village Collection


Pencil House, Bottle Village, Simi Valley, CA

California State University, Channel Islands
John Spoor Broome Library
Folk Art ; Tressa Grandma Prisbrey ; Simi Valley, CA ; The National Register of Historic Places ; Re-Purposed Art ; Sustainability ; Conservation
Bottle Village, recognized on The National Register of Historic Places, is located in nearby Simi Valley, CA. Tressa Grandma Prisbrey started the project in 1956 at the young age of 60, molding tens of thousands of bottles and other items retrieved from the local dump into hand-carved mortar structures on 1/3 of an acre of land, that later became the beloved neighborhood sight-seeing spot of Bottle Village. The unique nature of the materials used, how those interesting objects were transformed and re-purposed, and the inspiring example of Grandma Prisbrey's determination to create interesting art for the public, continues to stir, stimulate, and motivate the interest of historians, folk art scholars, and popular culture researchers. The collection focuses on Ms. Prisbrey's life and work, including: ▪correspondence, ▪documents, ▪newspaper articles, ▪photographs, and even a ▪children's book.
Dates covered:
1916 to current
Collection Size:
Approximately 20 square feet.
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The Bottle Village Collection, California State University Channel Islands Archives
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