Marguerite Archer Collection of Historic Children's Materials


San Francisco State University
J. Paul Leonard Library
Library education ; Alphabet books ; Linen and shape books ; Child culture in children's literature ; Folklore ; Music ; Poetry ; Moral education ; Sunday school literature ; Etiquette books ; American juvenile literature ; Children's periodicals ; Dime novels ; Toys ; Moveable books
In 1982, Mrs. Marguerite Archer, an educator, innovator, and collector, gave to the J. Paul Leonard Library, San Francisco State University a collection of approximately 3,500 historical children's books, textbooks, and periodicals, as well as ephemera and realia, including puzzles, toys and educational games. The collection, originally based upon the Peter Parley to Penrod Bibliography, is a major scholarly resource showing the progressive development and growth of children's literature from the early nineteenth century to the present day. It includes many original editions of literary classics, as well as early textbooks and related teaching aids.
Dates covered:
1776 - present
Collection Size:
7,700 volumes, 6 ft. ephemera and papers
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Marguerite Archer Collection of Historic Children's Materials, Special Collections, J. Paul Leonard Library
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Unrestricted public access. Library use only, photocopies made at discretion of departmental staff.